A disabled man who has been priced out by technology is making a plea for a new job.

Lee Pay priced up stock at Infinity Foods, a natural food store in North Road, Brighton, for around 25 years.

But changes in technology meant he was no longer required.

“Everything has been moved to barcodes so they did not need me any more,” the 52-year-old told The Argus.

The Argus: Lee Pay is looking for a new jobLee Pay is looking for a new job (Image: The Argus)

Mr Pay has cerebral palsy and said Infinity Foods did not want to get rid of him but “had to” because there was nothing for left for him to do.

“I am so gutted to have had to leave,” he said. “Infinity Foods was my life. They have been fantastic.”

Mr Pay, from Moulsecoomb, is looking for a new job but so far has not had any luck since he lost his job in January.

“I get so bored to stuck in day after day doing nothing,” he said.

“People just look at the disability and not the actual person. I have a lot to offer if I can go slowly - I can’t rush any job, but if I can take my time I always get it right. They understood that at Infinity.”

The Argus: Infinity Foods in North Road, BrightonInfinity Foods in North Road, Brighton (Image: Google Maps)

Mr Pay’s employment ended by reason of mutual agreement and he received a payment which included notice pay and payment in respect of annual leave not taken.

He began working at Infinity Foods as part of a sheltered placement scheme.

He worked there for one afternoon a week, which went well and his hours were increased.

He had since been working 13 hours a week and is looking for similar hours in new roles.

Mr Pay was described as “dedicated and committed” by Infinity Foods.

“This job was my life and I enjoyed it so much. I’m determined to get a new job,” said Mr Pay.

“It is taking a long time to get someone that will take me. I am willing to work and capable, I just need someone to give me a chance.”

Infinity Foods declined to comment beyond confirming that Lee Pay was a former employee.