Students have threatened to tarnish their university’s name if it does not drop plans to make 110 members of staff redundant.

Members of the University of Brighton Solidarity group have told bosses at the institution that they oppose the redundancies as a “huge mistake”, adding that they are being fed “manipulative falsehoods” over the decision.

In an open letter to university vice chancellor Debra Humphris, the newly formed group has called for the job cuts to be reconsidered, saying they will “deter potential students” and disrupt learning and working.

In the letter, a university spokesman said: “We believe that these proposed redundancies are a huge mistake for the future of the University of Brighton and we are extremely committed to stopping them.

“Furthermore, we believe that we are being fed manipulative falsehoods, repeatedly and extensively, by you and the senior management team.

“If you do not concede to our demands in a timely manner we will be forced to escalate our action.”


The group is demanding that redundancies among teaching staff are halted, with a “full and immediate” reconsideration of financial plans.

Students said if redundancies must be made they should come from the senior management team.

UoB Solidarity members set a deadline of today for Professor Humphris to respond before they plan to escalate action.

The university said it was set to make 110 staff redundant, citing financial pressures and “generationally high” inflation.

Students took to the streets on Monday and protested at the university’s Moulsecoomb campus outside the office of Prof Humphris.

A university spokesman said: “We recognise that this is a very difficult and concerning time for our staff and we will be doing all we can to support those colleagues impacted by these proposals.

“Like other universities and businesses across all sectors, the backdrop to these changes has a significant financial dimension.

“By addressing the immediate financial challenge we face we can make the most of the opportunities available to us and continue to ensure our future sustainability and success.

“The University of Brighton will complete its long-term plan to consolidate on our three Brighton campuses during 2024. This will enable us to provide the best possible facilities for our students and staff.”

The university said it would be financing these plans through a “schedule of estate disposals” which would not take money from day-to-day activities.