An air ambulance has landed in a seaside park as part of an emergency response.

The helicopter flew over Brighton and banked over houses in the city before landing on Hove Lawns.

Following the landing at around 10.45am this morning, the air ambulance was shortly joined by an ambulance before taking off around ten minutes later.

It is currently unknown what incident the helicopter was responding to.

A bystander who saw the helicopter land said: “We didn’t see an incident but the helicopter arrived at the same time as the ambulance cars.


“They stayed on the lawns for a while and then flew off.”

Members of the public around the lawns stopped to take photos of the ambulance and watch as it took off from the field.

Flight data suggests that the air ambulance flew directly from its base near Redhill and landed in Brighton before flying straight back to base.

Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Service and South East Coast Air Ambulance service have been approached for comment.