Hundreds of Minis descended on the seafront as part of the annual London to Brighton event.

Classic Minis from across the ages and of all shapes and sizes flocked to Madeira Drive for owners to show them off.

There was a huge range, from Beatles-themed convertibles to classic Union Jack models, and crowds on the seafront were treated to a feast as the sun shone down on the gleaming vehicles yesterday.

Ian Beaton, who brought his classic Mini to the event, said:” I have had this for about eight years. I’ve got two of them and my wife calls them the babies.

The Argus: Ian Beaton with his Mini in Madeira DriveIan Beaton with his Mini in Madeira Drive (Image: The Argus)

“I do these events to meet people and chat with them and let people see the cars. People don’t appreciate how small they are.”

The Minis set off from London early on Sunday morning with the first arriving in Brighton at around 10am.

Many cars took inspiration from popular culture including the Beatles one and one designed to resemble Knight Rider.

The Argus: Union Jack themed MiniUnion Jack themed Mini (Image: The Argus)

Thee were stalls selling Mini memorabilia and enthusiasts admired their cars and chatted to other owners.

John Snafedon, who has taken part in the event more than 20 times, said: “I come from that era. Although I didn’t own this car at the time I did own a Mini with a Union Jack on it in the 60s in the King’s Road.”

The Argus: John Snafedon, right, and William Franks with their Beatle, inspired car and costumesJohn Snafedon, right, and William Franks with their Beatle, inspired car and costumes (Image: The Argus)


John, who was in Beatles costume, added: “This is what I used to do in my 20s and I’ve still got it. I don’t know what that means about me, maybe I am having a midlife crisis.”

William Franks, who came down to Brighton with John in the Beatles themed car, said: “This car is very sentimental, I had it at my wedding last year.

The Argus: People enjoying the Minis in Madeira DrivePeople enjoying the Minis in Madeira Drive (Image: The Argus)

“It’s a classic British car and it looks great. The drive was easy with the sun and the roof down.”

The London to Brighton Mini car run is an annual event which ends in Madeira Drive every year.