Boxing legend Chris Eubank is suing the management company of Caesars Palace resort in Dubai over the death of his son, Sebastian Eubank.

Sebastian drowned in shallow water at the hotel in 2021 when he suffered a cardiac arrest and fell into the water.

Lawyers claim that Sebastian may have survived had he been given swift attention.

Legal papers allege that hotel staff found Sebastian's ID and belongings on the beach but went home without searching for him, a move that the family believes to be negligence.

Eubank, 56, told The Mirror: "This is our chance for truth and justice. We will fight until we have that for Sebastian's memory.

"All we've wanted since Sebastian died is to understand why it happened, and we are getting close."

Sebastian was a professional boxer and made his MMA debut in 2020.

Papers filed on Friday allege "the lifeguards were not paying attention and/or were fatigued and/or had been insufficiently trained to protect guests," The Mirror reported.

The court papers state that he arrived at the hotel on July 7, 2021, and went to a private beach area where he stood near the shore "in water less than waist deep" for a few minutes "before slumping into the water and remaining there, motionless".

The day after, a lifeguard noticed Sebastian's body floating around 6 am.

The family's legal complaint is for wrongful death by negligence, and legal documents conclude with the statement that "as a direct and proximate result of Caesars' negligence, Salma and Sebastian's family have lost and are deprived of the love, companionship, society, affection, emotional support and care, intimate relations and ability to bear children, and solace of her husband."