A community volunteer who planted a flowerbed full of wildflowers to mark the Platinum Jubilee was shocked to find it mowed down.

Despite it being “no mow May”, the entire verge along the eastern side of Lewes Road at Moulsecoomb has its grass and wildflowers cut in a council blunder.

Sophia Martin had weeded the flowerbed only the day before to encourage new growth after planting the flowerbed last year.

She secured £200 funding from the National Lottery’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee for projects aiming to increase biodiversity, after approaching former Moulsecoomb and Bevendean councillor Kate Knight for help.


Sophie Plants Mowed

Sophia Plants Mowed


All the flowering plants were perennials which can survive for two years or more.

Ms Martin said: “I saw this area as a perfect space for wildflowers, and I had all different plants to attract as much wildlife, animals and different insects as possible.


“We had no funding for borders, but I put sticks there. I left the weeds because it is no mow May. I just lightly weeded and took out the bigger plants.

“They might come back. It was hard work getting the funding, and now we’ve lost this habitat and biodiversity.

“Even if it is no-mow May, mow where there are issues, mow where there are crossings – don’t mow where there is a huge space of habitat."

Newly elected Coldean and Stanmer ward councillor Mitchie Alexander went along to take a look at what had happened.

Councillor Alexander said: “I hope they will come back, but not all of them will. It does leave a negative feeling.

“It’s important to have wildlife corridors. We’ve got Wild Park, but if there are no little corridors, nothing can spread.”

Councillor Alexander said she would help Ms Martin secure funding for a border and replacement plans either through the council and voluntary organisations.


Sophia And Mitchie At Flower Bed

Sophia And Mitchie At Flower Bed


A council spokesman said: “Unfortunately, the Jubilee flower planting was slightly obscured by grass growing around it, and we accidentally mowed over it.

“We’re really sorry about this and will be getting in touch with the organisers to apologise and offer a like-for-like replacement.”