A new pub has opened next to Sussex Cricket's county ground in the city.

The Sussex Cricketer, in Eaton Road, Hove, has “traditional pub elements with some really modern design touches”.

The pub, which opened last Monday, May 15, is on the bottom floor of the 37-flat development on the South-West corner of the 150-year old Central County Ground.

It has replaced the old Sussex Cricketer which closed in January 2020 to make way for the £20 million apartment redevelopment.

The Argus: The pub has a 12 metre long bar in the centreThe pub has a 12 metre long bar in the centre (Image: The Argus)

Ben Murray, general manager, from Patcham, said he wants the new pub to bring a “good venue, good service and good food”.

The 40-year-old said: “It’s a mixture, this is definitely a pub and not a restaurant. We wanted the big island bar there to make it clear this is a place you can come in and just have a drink.

“We have all the classic things you would expect to see in a pub like steak, burgers and fish and chips. We also have salads, nice starters. There will be a core of the menu that will stay all the time but other things on the menu will change every few weeks.

“We want to bring good service and good food. The cricket for us is a really lovely bonus. We haven’t set the pub up to be a cricket pub or stadium bar, we wanted it to stand alone by itself. We want it to be a venue that stands up by itself with a good venue, good service and good food.

The Argus: From left, Ben Murray, general manager, Samuel Williams, assistant manager, Chantal Pullen, site manager and Chris Horvath, head chefFrom left, Ben Murray, general manager, Samuel Williams, assistant manager, Chantal Pullen, site manager and Chris Horvath, head chef (Image: The Argus)

“We then have that really nice addition every week throughout the summer where we will have lots of people coming in.

“There was a four day event last week with 2,500 people who came in. We were super busy.”

The pub is run by independent pub company Indigo which owns other pubs in the city including the Wick Inn in Western Road and Preston Park Tavern in Havelock Road. Both pubs are managed by Ben Murray.


The Sussex Cricketer sells local beers from Long Man, 360 Degree Brewing Company, Gun Brewery and UnBarred Brewery.

It also sells coffee roasted in the area and all of its food is locally sourced.

The pub is starting its brunch menu from Saturday, June 3.

Sunday roasts are planned for mid to late June.

Ben added: “It’s a really good location, it’s close to town. I think things are moving this way, this side of Hove.

The Argus: The view of the East side of the pubThe view of the East side of the pub (Image: The Argus)

"There are so many nice things happening, I see people staying this end of town for the whole night rather than it being a stop gap for people going into Brighton.

“It used to be people stopping for a beer and going into town.

“We didn’t want it to feel like a vacuum of space where it was an empty, echoey building.

"We put the big island in the middle so you’re close to the bar staff, it’s really sociable. Even if you come here just for a coffee in the day.

The Argus: Outside the Sussex CricketerOutside the Sussex Cricketer (Image: The Argus)

“It feels cosy wherever you are. We also have a space for bookings where groups can be for birthdays and events.

“We get the sun all day on the terrace out front.”

For more information, visit The Sussex Cricketer on Instagram or email info@sussexcricketer.pub.