A war veteran with PTSD picked up rubbish from the street after it was hurled about and abandoned by a careless council worker.

Ex-serviceman Bill Grist, 71, caught the refuse operative on CCTV lobbing a black sack of trash at the side of a bin lorry as it parked in Broadfields, Moulsecoomb, on the morning of May 18.

The bag split and rubbish exploded on the road, but instead of cleaning up his mess the worker simply loaded the next load of wheelie bins on to the truck.

The driver jumped out of the cab but also left the pile of waste as it lay on the tarmac.

It meant Bill, who has mobility issues, was forced to clean up after the ignorant duo.

“As soon as I noticed what had happened it set me off, I haven’t been able to sleep,” said Bill, who served in Northern Ireland.

“My neighbour came out and helped me when they saw me out there. I can’t believe they just left it all behind.

“I hadn’t put my bin on the curb because it didn’t need collecting, it just had one bag in it. I don’t generate a lot of rubbish. So why did they take it out and do that with it?”

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A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council condemned the actions of the worker.

“We are aware of this video and were shocked to see it. It is simply unacceptable," said the spokesman.

“We have apologised to the resident who contacted us and informed them that we will be investigating this incident and addressing it.”