A stalker of Brighton and Hove Albion footballer, Billy Gilmour, was given a lifetime ban from Asda after filming herself stripping off in an aisle while customers walked past.

Orla Melissa Sloan, who is a TikTok star, has admitted to stalking Premier League footballers, Mason Mount and Billy Gilmour, and harassing Ben Chilwell.

A court heard Sloan sent dozens of messages, texts, and Instagram posts to the footballers between June and October last year, as well as calling them on several occasions.


She changed her phone number 21 times to pester Mason Mount with messages, even after he blocked her number and ended their relationship.

Billy Gilmour also said that her messages had a big impact on his life after he joined Brighton from Chelsea in September 2020.

District Judge Neeta Minhas has adjourned sentencing to June 20 and has told Sloan that her stalking offence against Mr Gilmour was serious enough to carry a custodial sentence.

Before these incidents, Sloan had claimed that she had been banned from Asda after appearing in the bakery aisle of the supermarket in her underwear and dancing half-naked.

A now-deleted TikTok video seen by the Mirror showed her posing half-naked in an animal-themed outfit along with a friend dressed as Tiger King star Joe Exotic.

Other customers can be seen walking past as the pair started to perform a provocative dance routine.

The caption on the video read, "Got a lifetime ban from Asda...was it worth it?"

The Argus: Orla Melissa Sloan at Westminster Magistrates' CourtOrla Melissa Sloan at Westminster Magistrates' Court (Image: PA)

TikToker Orla Melissa Sloan, 21, admitted stalking Billy Gilmour as well as his former teammate Mason Mount.

She also pleaded guilty to causing harassment to footballer Ben Chilwell.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard Gilmour had initially exchanged messages with Sloan in September last year before telling her he did not want their contact to continue and he did not have a relationship with her.

She then claimed to have fallen pregnant in allegations described in court as “completely fictitious”.

Billy Gilmour, who joined Albion on September 1 last year from Chelsea, said the case had a “huge impact” on his life.

“I don’t know who I can trust anymore,” Gilmour said.

“Some of the information would only have been known by people close to me.”

Sloan also bombarded Chelsea midfielder Mount with messages for four months after he broke off their relationship.

The court heard she slept with Mount after they met at a party at his England team-mate Ben Chilwell’s home in November 2020.

Prosecutor Jason Seetal said they stayed in contact for around six months before Mount “decided that the relationship was not going to progress”.

“Upon informing Miss Sloan of this, he has been subjected to a bombardment of messages,” he said.

“He began asking her to stop messaging him before blocking the number.

“He then began to receive messages from new numbers and each time he would block those numbers there would be messages from a different number.”