People in Hollingdean have less than two weeks left to have their say on a proposed controlled parking zone.

Hollingdean is one of the last areas on the edge of the centre of Brighton that is not covered by a controlled parking zone.

Residents immediately felt the effects when “zone U” was created, covering the Bear Road and Coombe Road areas, with drivers moving their vehicles on to roads in Hollingdean where parking remained free.

Proposed Parking Scheme For Hollingdean

Proposed Parking Scheme For Hollingdean



The latest public consultation is being carried out by Brighton and Hove City Council and is a prelude to restrictions every day from 8am to 8pm.

It comes a year after the council first asked Hollingdean residents if they wanted parking permits in their area.

Then, Labour councillor Theresa Fowler, who represented the old Hollingdean and Fiveways ward, spoke out.

Councillor Fowler said that she felt that an increasing number of nearby “car-free” student housing schemes had resulted in more cars parked in the area for long periods.

Horton Road and Hollingdean Road are listed on the Road Trip Heroes website and app, alerting drivers to free parking areas in Brighton and Hove.

If Hollingdean residents back the new zone, annual permits for private vehicles look likely to range from £146 for low-emission cars to £193 for standard-emission cars and £335 for high-emission vehicles. There would also be a premium for second and third vehicles.

A map of the proposed parking zone indicates that the roads would include dedicated areas for permit holders only and some bays also available for others to park in.

The map also highlights Hertford Road as a potential school street, where roads are closed off to all but residents and blue badge holders at the start and end of the school day.

The online consultation asks Hollingdean residents if they like the proposed parking zone design, if they are a resident or business and how many vehicles are linked with their home or business.

The consultation closes on Sunday 4 June on the consultation pages on the council’s website at