Shoppers in both Aldi and Lidl will find excellent deals on everything from clothing to air fryers in their middle aisles.

It's worth checking this week's deals, whether it's Aldi's specialbuys or Lidl's Middle of Lidl, which will begin on Thursday, June 1.

Let's take a look at some of the items you can spot this week.

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Aldi’s Specialbuys

This Thursday, you’ll find a range of items amongst Aldi’s Specialbuys including pet essentials, camping equipment and more.

You can find all of Aldi’s Specialbuys via the website.

Khaki Sunshade Dog Bed

The Argus: Khaki Sunshade Dog BedKhaki Sunshade Dog Bed (Image: Aldi)

Help keep your pet comfortable in the heat with this sunshade.

Summer is coming and it’s important that our pets stay cool and this bed does exactly that.

It provides shade with a canopy that has UV 50 protection.

It’s available in grey too and both cost £19.99 each via the Aldi website.

Lidl’s middle aisle

This Thursday, Lidl customers can expect kitchen gadgets, plants and more in its middle aisle.

You can see all of the items coming to Lidl’s middle aisle via the website.

Daewoo 8L Double Drawer Air Fryer

The Argus: Daewoo 8L Double Drawer Air FryerDaewoo 8L Double Drawer Air Fryer (Image: Lidl)

Cook healthier meals with less oil using this air fryer.

You can cook two different foods at the same time by using both drawers.

There are eight pre-set programmes and the temperature ranges from 80C to 200C.

It’ll set you back £99.99 and you can find out more about it via the Lidl website.

Ernesto Pasta Machine

The Argus: Ernesto Pasta MachineErnesto Pasta Machine (Image: Lidl)

Pasta enthusiasts can get creative in the kitchen with this gadget.

This product includes three different rollers for making spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagne sheets.

It comes with seven dough thickness settings and non-slip feet for extra stability.

Make it yours for £17.99 – you can find out more about it via the Lidl website.

Silvercrest Ice Maker

The Argus: Silvercrest Ice MakerSilvercrest Ice Maker (Image: Lidl)

Find out more about the ice maker via the Lidl website.

If you’re hoping to enjoy the sun outside, you can stay refreshed with this ice maker, ideal for keeping your summer drinks cool.

For £89.99, the machine offers two different sizes of ice cubes, a soft touch control panel, and an integrated water tank with no need for a water connection.

The removable container can hold up to 800g of ice cubes, and the device can make nine larger ice cubes in nine minutes or nine smaller ice cubes in seven minutes.

Additionally, it can make 11-12kg of ice in 24 hours and the ice maker comes equipped with an ice scoop.