The family of Primal Scream member Martin Duffy have paid tribute to their father and blasted front man Bobby Gillespie after an inquest heard the keyboardist died penniless and abandoned.

Duffy’s son Louie described his dad as a kind and humble man following his death at his home in Hove last year.

However, the 19-year-old added that the keyboardist was left devastated by tough love from singer Gillespie and the rest of the band, adding that his father was cut out of a £5 million deal to sell part of Primal Scream’s back catalogue.

In a written statement from the inquest, Louie said: “Dad had played on every Primal Scream album - had songwriting on at least two - but still the band chose not to offer him the opportunity to get his share, at a time they knew he really needed financial help.”


“He wasn’t consulted or even told about it. I remember dad telling Bobby Gillespie on the phone that he was having to sign on for benefits to get by as he had no savings but the band offered no support either emotional or financial.”

The inquest heard how Duffy, 55, was also diagnosed with prostate cancer during lockdown and suffered with issues with alcohol.

The court also heard Duffy was sent home from Primal Scream’s tour after a gig in Glasgow and told to get help with his drinking.

Louie added: “After being forced off the tour, I literally saw dad age ten years in a matter of weeks. He was simply not able to cope any more.”

Primal Scream were one of the biggest British bands of the late 1990s with their album Screamadelica acknowledged as a classic.

Martin Duffy had been a professional musician his entire adult life after answering an advert when he was 16 asking; ‘Do you want to be a Rock ’n Roll Star?’ He was a member of Primal Scream for more than 30 years.

Tributes flooded in following his death with another former bandmate Tim Burgess of The Charlatans describing the 55-year-old as the only musical genius he had ever met.

Louie said he has not heard from the other members of Primal Scream since his father died.

He added: “He made me laugh so much and that is what I will miss most.

“I lost my dad too soon. I know his death was an accident but I just wish he hadn’t died feeling so unappreciated and distraught about having to sell our home.

“He didn’t deserve that. He was truly loved by so many people and along with his music, this love is his legacy.”

Assistant Coroner Dr Karen Henderson said Martin Duffy died on December 18, 2022 after suffering multiple skull fractures.

The inquest concluded his accidental death was caused by severe traumatic head injury as the result of multiple falls.

He was drunk and had a history of alcohol abuse which contributed to his death.