A doorman who saved a teenager from being "dragged into an alleyway" in a late-night assault has been hailed a hero.

The 19-year-old has written a letter to thank security guard Robert Hodges who "appeared from nowhere" to save him from two men.

The Argus: Molly Malone'sMolly Malone's

Robert had just finished his shift as head doorman at Irish pub Molly Malone's in West Street, Brighton, when he heard the screams of someone in distress.

"It was just instinct to go over and help them," he said.

The teenager had been enjoying the city's nightlife with his boyfriend, who left him at Burger King waiting for food while he returned to their hotel to use the toilet.

The Argus: West Street, where the attack happenedWest Street, where the attack happened (Image: Google)

The next thing the teenager remembered was being dragged by two men into an alleyway near Churchill Square.

Robert said: "When I got there, the young lad was being held by one guy and they were trying to drag him down towards the alleyway.

"I run over to him and asked if he was all right. He said no.

"I was told to do one by the other lads but I pushed one of them away, they legged it when they realised I was security and I called the police and gave a descripton."

He stayed with the young man until police officers attended.

After the incident, which happened last year, he wrote to Robert's boss at Molly Malone's to thank him for his heroic actions.

He said:

“Good afternoon,

“I hope this reaches the concerned.

“In the early hours of the 10th of October, myself and my boyfriend had been on a night out in Brighton.

“My boyfriend had to use the bathroom in our hotel so rushed back while I was in Burger King waiting for our food.

“This was roughly around 3.30am

“I was followed by two guys from Burger King, who then attempted to take me, against my free will, up an alleyway near to your venue.

“It was at this point your head doorman, who had just finished work, came to my rescue.

“He had heard my screams and appeared from nowhere.

“I have just built up the courage to start to talk about the night.

“As for a 19 year old you dont expect things like that to happen.

“Your head doorman was so quick to act.

“He dragged me away from the guy holding me and immediately called the police and the manager of the premises.

"His bravery to intervene in a situation where others would just walk on was truly admirable.

“The thought of what could have happened is truly horrible.

“And it has only cost me a few scratches, bruises and a new pair of jeans.

“This guy is by far, and truly, a hero.

“And when I come back to Brighton in a few weeks, I will personally thank him but for now I want him to know I am truly grateful.”

The Argus: Robert after winning the awardRobert after winning the award (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Robert was recognised at the Brighton and Hove Police divisional awards ceremony last Tuesday.

Officers and police staff applauded him at the event at the County Cricket Ground in Hove and he was presented with a framed certificate signed by Chief Constable Jo Shiner.