A drug dealer was caught in the act after police witnessed him doing a drug deal outside a hotel near Gatwick Airport.

Akil Atkins drove off from officers in a hire car, and later made a false claim that he was the victim of a carjacking.

Officers on foot patrol in Povey Cross Road saw the suspected drug deal taking place outside a hotel and stopped a man who was suspected of purchasing class A drugs.

A second man ignored officers and drove away in a BMW at high speed.

The car was later abandoned in Horley, where officers found methyl amphetamine (known as crystal meth) and cannabis inside.

Atkins, 28, attempted to cover his tracks by making a phone call to the Metropolitan Police, claiming he had been “robbed” of his vehicle at knifepoint.

But his DNA was found on a package of drugs in the car.

He had also left his passport, wallet, and documents confirming he had hired the car inside the vehicle.

Atkins, of Tipton Drive, Croydon, appeared before Lewes Crown Court on June 2, where he admitted possession of a class A drug with intent to supply, possession of a class B drug with intent to supply, being concerned in the supply of a class A drug, being concerned in the supply of a class B drug, and perverting the course of justice.


The court was told that the offences took place on January 7, 2021, at a time when there were national restrictions in place for coronavirus.

Detective Sergeant Ian Warncken said: “Atkins was involved in drug supply in the Gatwick area at the time, as part of a drugs line called the Dylan line.

“Officers witnessed a drug deal taking place and he left the scene.

“He later called police and claimed to have been the victim of a knifepoint robbery for the vehicle, in an attempt to evade justice.

“But after a thorough investigation by Gatwick CID, the evidence strongly linked him to the vehicle and to the drugs.

“He had no choice but to plead guilty in the face of the overwhelming evidence.

“This case demonstrates our determination to catch offenders and disrupt the supply of drugs which cause so much harm in our communities.”