Former leader of the Green Party Sian Berry has announced she plans to run to be the Green candidate in Brighton Pavilion at the next election.

Ms Berry is hoping to replace Caroline Lucas as the Green MP for the constituency, after she announced she would not run for re-election.

A Green member of the London Assembly, Ms Berry has previously run to be Mayor of London, placing third behind Labour and the Conservatives in 2021.

She previously ran for Parliament in 2005 in Hampstead and Highgate and again in 2017 in Holborn and St Pancras, placing fourth on both occasions, and led the party from 2018 to 2021.

In a letter to members of the Brighton and Hove Green Party, seen exclusively by The Argus, Ms Berry said: “The question of how we collectively build upon the tremendous and inspiring record of Caroline Lucas in Parliament comes at a crucial moment for the Greens, and I know we all work together to meet this challenge.

“Since Thursday’s announcement from Caroline, I have spoken with many local members in Brighton and Hove and listened to their thoughts, concerns and hopes for the future. These conversations have been productive, instructive and overwhelmingly positive.

“I will have the chance to speak to many more of you in the coming weeks, but I am writing to you today to say that I am planning to submit an application to be your next MP candidate in Brighton Pavilion constituency.

“In more than two decades working in the Green Party, I have been in awe of the achievements of you all. I believe that the energy, focus and determination of your members, combined with support from the South East region and the Green Party of England and Wales, with the addition of my long experience as an elected Green, leader and candidate in the highest-pressure elections, can together forge the winning team we need.”

The Argus:

Ms Berry also said that she is offering a “promise of commitment” and will be based in the city during the candidate selection process to “talk with as many local members as possible to listen, answer questions and secure nominations”.

Her announcement comes less than a week after Caroline Lucas said she would not stand at the next general election, expected to take place in the autumn of next year.

In tribute to her 13 years in Parliament, Ms Berry said: “Caroline Lucas has been a personal inspiration, leader and guide through my whole political life for more than 20 years.

“When she leaves Parliament, she will do so as one of the best ever MPs to sit on those appropriately green benches.”

Polling recently conducted suggests that the Green Party may lose Brighton Pavilion, their only seat in Parliament, to Labour at the next general election.

The poll for Best for Britain, conducted before Caroline Lucas’s announcement, put Labour support at 32.7 per cent, with the Greens on 28.4 per cent.

The poll’s results were based on country-wide data, rather than specifically from the constituency.