A long-standing record shop has paid tribute to its former owner, who ran the business for over half a century.

George Ginn ran The Record Album for 56 years up to his retirement in 2018 and was revered as one of Brighton’s best record dealers.

George, 93, died at his care home in Patcham on Sunday evening, and now the current owners have praised him as a “steadfast champion” of vinyl in an era of digital streaming.

Keith Blackmore, co-director of the Terminus Road store, said: “The great vinyl revival of the last 20 years may have caught many of us by surprise but not George Ginn.


“When I was his customer, his advice on what to buy (and, just as importantly, what not to buy) was invariably right and like many people over the years I heard new things in new ways whenever I visited his shop. I’d often just drop in for a chat then find myself still there two hours later, listening and learning.

“George loved music, records and his shop.”

George Ginn took over The Record Album in 1962 with the store moving to its current location in the mid-1970s.

He was well known for his expertise in film soundtracks and theatrical cast recordings.

The store first opened in 1948 with the current site the third place the record store has stood in its 75-year history.

George is survived by his wife, Yvonne, and their daughters.