Controversial TV presenter Piers Morgan has caused outrage once again after a debate on Pride flags with comedian James Barr.

Many viewers were left unsettled after Morgan enquired: ‘Where’s my straight flag?’ during the exchange on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

He said: "The moment it looks like it’s over the top, like it’s everywhere you go, Pride, Pride, Pride, Pride… do we need to be that exuberant about it?"

However, Morgan denied "blaming gay people for that" when challenged by Barr.

The Argus: Broadcaster Piers MorganBroadcaster Piers Morgan (Image: PA)

Morgan then stated that he was not triggered by the rainbow flag but "by the fact that everywhere I go for a month everything has to be a rainbow flag".

Barr countered with his own trigger, stating that he was "triggered that everywhere I go for the entire year, everything has to be straight".

Unimpressed with Morgan's comments, Natasha Devon, author and campaigner, wrote: "For me, the sight of a Pride flag is an indicator that queer people are welcome wherever it is flying.

"Straight people don’t need a flag because they are not and never have been excluded based on their sexuality. I can’t believe this needs explaining in 2023."

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Be grateful you don't need a straight flag."

Another said that a Pride flag is "simply signalling support for the idea that it’s okay to not be straight".

It comes after Piers Morgan launched a scathing attack on former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson following allegations of law-breaking parties at 10 Downing Street during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Privileges Committee released a report accusing the Prime Minister of lying to MPs on five occasions in relation to the so-called Partygate allegations.

However, Boris Johnson has denied any wrongdoing.

During his Piers Morgan Uncensored show on TalkTV, Morgan called Johnson a "serial liar" and demanded he "get in the bin".