Police are making arrests as hundreds of youngsters have gathered on the city’s seafront this evening.

Roughly 200 people can be seen on Hove Lawns today (June 16) with “more and more arriving”, a bystander told The Argus.

Police can be seen searching various people and leading them away from the scene.

It is not known why the people have been arrested.

The Argus: Hundreds of people have gathered on Hove LawnsHundreds of people have gathered on Hove Lawns (Image: The Argus)

One person told The Argus: “More and more people are arriving, and I've seen three police cars and a police van so far."

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Sussex Police have been contacted for comment.

It comes as an event was posted online inviting people to join a “rave” on the seafront nearby which was due to begin at around 7pm.

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