Despite rumours flying around of trouble brewing between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage, a royal expert has insisted that there is nothing to worry about.

Eric Schiffer, a royal commentator, claims that the couple's union will not suffer a 'sudden death'.

There have been rumours of a split between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, fuelled by Meghan's absence from royal engagements, such as King Charles’ coronation, and speculation that she had been out partying in LA without Harry.

The Argus: Meghan MarkleMeghan Markle (Image: PA)

However, Schiffer believes that this is more likely due to the pair's differing schedules, personal interests, and parenting duties.

Schiffer told the Daily Star: “The fact that we see Meghan and Harry out less together has much more to do with their schedules, personal interests, and parenting duties than it reveals some sudden death to their bond.”

It comes after royal expert and biographer Tom Bower predicted that the marriage will "end in tragedy".

Biographer Tom Bower appeared on Dan Wootton Tonight on GB News, claiming that Meghan is a "scheming woman" who is only interested in using people for her own benefit.

He went on to say that Harry has no idea about the game he is engaged in through their marriage and that Meghan's agenda is so obscure that no one can say what it is, except that "she has got a puppet, and the puppet is Harry".

The Argus: Prince HarryPrince Harry (Image: PA)

Petronella Wyatt, a society journalist, tweeted that friends of hers who live near the couple are always bumping into Meghan at parties these days, adding that she tends to leave Harry at home.

According to Bower, the marriage is doomed between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with Harry and Meghan running into "one major problem after another".