Plans circulated on social media for three cesspits across the city are fake, The Argus can reveal.

The graphic, which has been seen circulating on some Brighton Facebook groups, falsely claims that the “first phase of the South Coast Cesspit project” will see three cesspits constructed in the Brighton and Hove Area.

It also claimed £2.1 million of central government funding would form almost all of the project’s cost, with the construction of the below ground “Kemptown Cesspit” to begin in August, with an above ground cesspit at The Level to be built in November, and a third at St Ann’s Well Gardens planned in January.

The Argus: The fake Facebook post claimed that three cesspits would be built across Brighton and Hove within the next six monthsThe fake Facebook post claimed that three cesspits would be built across Brighton and Hove within the next six months (Image: Facebook)

Some residents appeared to fall for the false post, with one taking to Facebook to say they were “quite dismayed at these plans”.

“Brighton has an old sewer system, but it seems more or less fit for purpose. The Level regularly floods so the negative implications of a cesspit are obvious,” they said.

Another slammed the false project as “stupid”, while others questioned why the decision was made and expressed concern about the smell it could cause.

However, government officials have said categorically that the image being shared is fake.

It is not clear who created the false graphic, which was falsely attributed to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

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A spokesman for the department said: “The graphic circulating on social media was not issued by the department and is fake.

“We are pursuing an ambitious Levelling Up agenda to tackle geographic inequalities across the UK, including Brighton where a number of projects are making a real difference to local people.

“For example, our £9.5 million Levelling Up Fund grant for the Kingsway to the Sea project will regenerate a run-down part of the seafront.

“This project will positively transform overlooked communities in the city by providing enhanced leisure and sporting facilities for locals, alongside attracting visitors beyond the city’s tourist hotspots.”

Some £2.6 million has also been allocated to Brighton and Hove from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to deliver a range of projects that support communities by helping people into employment, reduce the cost of living, enhance local arts, cultural, heritage and creative activities, and strengthen local entrepreneurial ecosystems.