If you’re a fan of makeup and the latest trends, then you’ll know that a full face can cost upwards of £100 for the latest and designer brands.

But if you’re like me and like to save on makeup instead of looking for dupes, then Aldi’s latest Lacura makeup collection might just be perfect for you.

Although you might think that Aldi and makeup might not go together, you would be surprised, with the brand known for making perfect dupes back at it with Lacura.

Taking inspiration from huge designer brands including the likes of Dior, Nars, Revitalash and more, the Aldi summer collection is a steal with a full-face look costing less than £30.

We were lucky enough to try it out, including bronzers, blush, mascara, eyeshadow and even lip oil, here's what we thought.

The Argus: The Lip Oil costs just £3.99The Lip Oil costs just £3.99 (Image: Newsquest)

Is Aldi’s Lacura summer collection worth a buy?

With eight items included in the summer collection, Aldi took inspiration from some of the most popular and iconic products in the makeup world.

This includes the TikTok viral Dior Lip Oil (£32), creating their own Lacura Luminous Clear Lip Oil (£3.99) which is £28 cheaper than the designer version.

Lip Oils are a great alternative to lip balms that help give your lips a healthy glow and keep them moisturised.

Aldi’s clear version has a minty fresh scent and creates a full shine look with the enhanced use of Vitamin E and antioxidants. I found that the oil itself doesn’t feel sticky at all and makes lips feel smooth.

The clear version worked great on its own and on top of lipstick, there is also the cherry lip oil also for £3.99 if you’re a fan of some colour.

The Argus: The bronzer and blusher are inspired by Nars.The bronzer and blusher are inspired by Nars. (Image: Newsquest)

Next onto the powder, Aldi took inspiration from arguably one of the most iconic items in the beauty world, Nars Bronzing Powder (£32.50) and Nars Blush (£30.5) with their own Lacura Bronzer and Lacura Blusher (£4.99 each).

Aldi’s creations save shoppers £53 for the pair and there is very little difference, although the Nars products are slightly more pigmented, I found that Aldi’s are easily buildable.

With a medium-toned bronzer, it works great if you like a contoured and sculpted style or a more natural tone with its radiant sheen and defined finish.

Meanwhile, the blusher is much the same, offering a buildable powder that has subtle pink undertones and a soft shimmer that looks great for a natural look.

The Argus: The eyeshadow pallets costs just £3.99 each.The eyeshadow pallets costs just £3.99 each. (Image: Newsquest)

Aldi’s collection also includes two quad eyeshadow palettes, the Radiant Rust and Perfect Nude (both priced at £3.99).

As someone who loves a touch of eyeshadow, I found that they were great value, with very little fallout and buildable shades that work well across skin tones.

The glitters and shimmers were more pigmented than the colours making them perfect if you like a sparkly look for the summer season, plus I found that none of the shades creased or faded during the day.

Last but by far not least, the final touch of the look is Aldi’s Lacura Fabuilash Lash Primer & Mascara (£4.99) inspired by Revitalash Double-Ended Volume Set (£37), seeing a saving of £32.

The lash primer and mascara might just be the best mascara set I have ever used, with a slick design and easy-to-use instructions, it creates the biggest and most defined lashes possible.

The Argus: There is also a lash serum on sale.There is also a lash serum on sale. (Image: Newsquest)

With no signs of flaking throughout the day, Aldi’s creation really gives designer brands a run for their money with its bold black look that still looks natural and will no doubt make the shortest lashes look fabulous.

Whether you are a makeup guru who loves to try out all the new products or are just starting to delve into the world of makeup, Aldi’s collection is a great way to build up your confidence.

The easy-to-use products offer flawless looks for a fraction of the designer's cost, the makeup might be cheap but it is mighty and gives the top brands a run for their money.

How to get the Aldi Lacura Summer Makeup collection

If you want to get your hands on the summer collection, you’ll need to be quick.

The collection will go on sale on Thursday, June 22 in stores nationwide whilst stocks last.