The University of Sussex contributes more than £400 million each year to the area’s economy and supports 7,800 jobs, a study has claimed.

The report was commissioned by the university to understand its economic and social impact on the region and wider UK economy.

It contributes £428 million to Sussex and provides 6,800 jobs, or one in 80 in the Greater Brighton area.

Professor Sasha Roseneil, vice-chancellor at the University of Sussex, said: “The University of Sussex brings huge economic benefits to the region and contributes significantly to the nation’s wealth and wellbeing.


“We are also boosting the economy with our world-leading research and social impact, with one in four of our students staying in the region to work after graduating.

“Entrepreneurialism by our researchers and our students is also attracting external investment, creating jobs and bringing real-world benefits in technological innovations and social advances.”

The report was conducted by independent analysts Oxford Economics and “shows a steady increase in the ways the University boosts the economy”.

The report can be found here.