Brighton and Hove has some of the busiest roads outside of London, a new survey has revealed.

Research by CarSloth found that two of the top three most congested roads outside of the capital were in the city, with motorists facing long waits in traffic.

The A2010, which runs from West Street past Brighton Station to Old Shoreham Road, was branded the busiest road in the country, excluding London.

According to the study, it takes drivers almost 20 minutes (18.6 minutes) to drive the whole road, which is only 1.2 miles long.

The A2023 in Hove placed third in the study, with motorists taking 13.2 minutes to drive the full length of the road.


A spokesman for CarSloth said: “Brighton was named the second most congested city to drive in after London and is home to some of the country’s slowest roads.

“The council in Brighton prioritises safety over speed, many of the city’s A roads have a speed limit of 30mph, and public transport over private vehicles.”

Despite Brighton’s high congestion, the wider region of East Sussex only placed 13th among the most traffic-heavy regions, with neighbouring Kent and Surrey placing in the top three.

Lancashire, however, took the title as the most traffic-heavy region, with total delays of 126 minutes.