Brighton and Hove drivers have spoken out about the worst roads to drive on in the city, and the consensus is that "all of them" are a nightmare.

In response to a poll conducted by The Argus, dozens of readers chimed in to lament the state of the city's roads and pavements.

Many readers expressed frustration with the sheer number of potholes, driver behaviour, and road layout changes that made traveling hazardous or frustrating. 

Some identified specific hotspots in Hove that were particularly bad, such as Tisbury Road while riding the bus, and near Conway Street Bus Station.

The Argus:  Tisbury Road Tisbury Road (Image: Google Street View)

In Brighton, readers singled out the stretch of Lewes Road between the bottom of Coldean Lane and Bear Road, the A259 because of "cycle lanes" and "potholes", and Hartington Road which was said to be "like a rollercoaster".

Other respondents mentioned The Ride in Preston Park, and Norwich Drive in Bevendean where you can "feel your bones rattle".

Some readers claimed the roads were not just an inconvenience – it was putting people's safety at risk.

Speaking about the seafront road, one reader said: "With all the bikes and scooters on the road, pavements, ignoring red lights, it’s probably the unsafest road in the county."

One reader shared a harrowing story of tripping on the pavement outside their house, which led to an infected arm and a course of antibiotics.

Despite the widespread dissatisfaction with the state of the city's roads, some readers saw the humour in the situation.

One commenter quipped that the best road was "the one to heaven", while another joked that the worst road was "the one heading in" to Brighton.

It is clear that Brighton's roads are a major source of frustration for some drivers and pedestrians alike.