Festival goers have expressed their surprise as they have spotted signs announcing “designated crack and heroin zones” across the Glastonbury site.

The posters, by Pattern Up, a group of artists in Brighton, have been seen across the campsites at the 1,000 acre site at Worthy Farm in Somerset.

People have taken to social media to share their shock and confusion with many unsure if the signs were genuine.

Writing on Twitter, an account run by Glastonbury “veterans” said: “Who put these up? Apparently they are all over the site.”

The posters read: “Crack and Heroin Zone. The sale and use of crack and heroin is permitted in this area.”


Alongside the text, the poster uses Glastonbury and Avon and Somerset Police logos.

A spokesman for Pattern Up told The Argus: “The crack and heroin notices depict the lack of effort in preventing the exploitation and destruction of young lives through the supply and use of Class A and B drugs in the country.”

The group of artists created similar posters which were spotted around Brighton and Hove earlier this year.

The posters used council branding and sparked confusion as people thought they were genuine in the light of Caroline Lucas’ campaign for safe “shooting galleries” for drug users in the city.