Plans to build a new seafront restaurant have been met with opposition from residents.

In 2019 plans were submitted to Worthing Borough Council to demolish a 1920s public shelter and build a bar and restaurant over two floors.

The scheme was approved but the initial planning application expired as Bistrot Pierre, which was due to occupy the building, went into administration in 2020 and Covid caused delays to the project.

In an attempt to see the shelter redeveloped, Worthing Borough Council put the site out to tender in 2017, with Bistrot Pierre comprising the winning bidder for a long-term lease, with the site to be developed by Nextcolour.

Now, developer Nextcolour has resubmitted its plans to demolish the existing public shelter opposite West Buildings on the town’s promenade in Marine Parade and redevelop the site to provide two restaurants set over two floors.

A spokeswoman from Bistrot Pierre confirmed the national chain is no longer involved in the scheme.

Planning documents state: “This application looks to revise the previous planning permission to divide the unit into two restaurants as well as a number of proposed minor amendments including the internal arrangements of the building, enlargement of the building footprint, inclusion of balcony on the first floor and relocation of doors/windows on external boundaries.

“The proposal aims to provide a contemporary restaurant with sea views, bringing activity and added emphasis to the use of the promenade.

“The proposed unit will comprise a two-storey building which fronts onto the beach. This primary (southern) elevation of the structure will be largely glazed in order to maximise the views which diners experience from the restaurant. In order to further take advantage of the location of the site, an outdoor seating area is proposed at the ground floor level, with an outdoor balcony area also proposed at the first-floor level.”

But residents have expressed concerns about the proposals with the application.

Commenting on the council's planning register, Rosanne Turner wrote: "Please not a two-storey restaurant on the promenade. What makes Worthing special is the largely unspoiled seafront and promenade with limited buildings. Our prom is so lovely for walking, cycling etc and the addition of temporary food vans, sauna etc is great as they close and leave at the end of the day. New, modern restaurants would spoil the look and ambience of our lovely prom."

Another said pressure would be put on the town’s parking and said there was no need for more chains.

They said: "Local businesses will be negatively impacted. There are amazing food vans and stools that regularly set up on the promenade and these should be celebrated and invested in, instead of being faced with a lack of earnings.”

Another said: “The architects need to revisit their "cheap-looking" plans and come up with a suitable and elegant alternative, one that befits the site, and isn't just a generic wooden clad/concrete structure that could be dropped into any environment.

“The loss of a community asset for the replacement of a commercial premises is of concern.”

However, some are in support of the scheme.

One commenter said: “It is about time better use was made of some parts of the seafront. Will need to have an outdoor seating area.”

Another said: “I have often thought of the wasted space that this site provides as it is not being used for anything useful, is not pleasant on the eye and provides a constant unpleasant odour for which I am sure I do not need to explain.”

Rose-Mary Victory added: "The shelter in question is an eyesore in its present condition and has been for several years now since the beach train was removed. It also stinks of urine and attracts ASB. We were excited before 2020 at the proposed plans for a restaurant on this site and very disappointed when it didn't happen."