Dogs have reportedly become sick and fish and eels were found dead after sewage leaks in water near a town park.

There have been incidents of sewage spills into the water near Alexandra Park in Hastings.

Issues were first reported back in May, but on Saturday, June 24, Southern Water discovered another leak from a manhole on St Helen’s Road, near Coronation Wood in the town, caused by a defective sewer leading to the manhole.

“We acted immediately to put in place protection measures including sandbags and haybales to minimise the risk to the environment and completed a repair on Sunday, June 25,” said a spokesman for Southern Water.

The problems have been attributed to “misconnections”, where wastewater is incorrectly connected to a surface water drain rather than a foul sewer.

Dog walkers in the area have reported their dogs being taken ill, however a spokesman for Southern Water said: “We do not know of any dogs and wildlife that have become sick due to pollution.”

A warning sign near one of the leaks said: “There is currently a health and safety hazard due to sewage leaks in the water. There have been reports of dogs falling sick following contact, and death to surrounding wildlife.

"This is a warning to make dog walkers aware, as well as those with children. Do not enter the water."

The Southern Water spokesman said: "We are aware that local residents have put their own signs up in the area.

"We put up signs in the area to inform people that we're working here, however had to remove them after they were vandalised. "

The spokesman added: “The initial incident at Bucks Hole Pond resulted in the death of fish and eels, we’re very sorry for the impact that this had.

“We carried out a significant cleaning operation and aerated the pond which is now back to pre-pollution health."

Southern Water’s clean-up operation, working with the Environment Agency, is still ongoing.

In a statement issued by Hastings Borough Council yesterday, a spokeswoman said: “Hastings Borough Council continues to monitor the clean up work being done by the Environment Agency and Southern Water around the Old Roar Gill area. The work is the responsibility of Southern Water.

“The council will ensure that a full review of the incident is carried out once the work has been completed.”