Caroline Harris-Gray, a woman who was abandoned at Tottenham's Prince of Wales Hospital over 50 years ago, has finally found the missing puzzle pieces of her past.

With the help of the Long Lost Family team of researchers on ITV's Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace, Caroline has been able to reconnect with her long-lost half-siblings, Paul and Tina, who reside in Brighton.

In her quest for answers, Caroline visited the Haringey archives to gather more information about her birth story.

What she discovered was heart-warming - her birth mother had left her well-dressed, with Caroline stating that she was "dressed with love".

To further uncover her roots, Caroline placed her DNA on an online database.

The Argus:

This move proved to be instrumental, as it helped the Long Lost Family team in identifying her birth father, Ray.

Unfortunately, Ray had passed away in 2009.

However, his sister Gloria was still alive, providing Caroline with the opportunity to connect with her newly-discovered family.

Neither Paul nor Tina had any prior knowledge of another sibling, and their aunt Gloria expressed shock, revealing that their large family would have welcomed and cared for Caroline if they had known of her existence.

Gloria believed that Caroline was the result of a fling Ray had during a difficult period with his girlfriend, who went on to become Paul and Tina's mother.

Filled with a mix of excitement and nerves, Caroline finally met her half-siblings, Paul, Tina, and Gloria.

The Argus: Caroline's siblings, Paul and Tina, live in BrightonCaroline's siblings, Paul and Tina, live in Brighton (Image: ITV)

They eagerly shared memories of their father, emphasizing his remarkable career as a firefighter and his heroic acts in "saving lives".

Gloria, who saw striking similarities between Caroline and her brother, described the reunion as "bittersweet".

She expressed regret that Ray could not be a part of this momentous occasion to meet his daughter.

She said: "Ray's not here today and he would have loved her."