Best-selling crime writer Peter James opened a new charity shop.

Peter, author of the Roy Grace series which has been turned into a hit TV drama, was on hand to cut the ribbon at the new Guild Care branch in George Street, Hove.

The Argus: The outside of the shopThe outside of the shop (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

The charity supports and raises money for older people, including those suffering with dementia, along with people with learning disabilities.

Peter said: "People seem to forget that dementia also affects the family and friends of the person suffering and I think this charity helps a lot with that aspect.

"I think it is a brilliant charity and one that people don't really know about."

The Argus: Peter cutting the ribbonPeter cutting the ribbon (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

It is the first Guild Care charity shop in Brighton and Hove and it stocks a wide range of items from clothing to board games and books.

Peter said: "The shop really redefines what a charity shop is. Most charity shops you look at feel like they are filled with discards and hand-me-downs but here they sell top quality items at such a bargain price.

"When I first arrived I thought I was in the wrong shop. I challenge anyone to spend half an hour in here and not buy something."

The Argus: Clothes are sorted by colourClothes are sorted by colour (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

The shop held a launch event on Friday afternoon to celebrate the opening. Chief executive officer of the charity Alex Brooks-Johnson said: "It's a major step in our progress as an organisation.

"We are a real community organisation and I feel as if this is propelling us into a new world of fundraising.

"We've been welcomed in by the local community and we've had queues of people waiting to enter in the morning.

The Argus: Alex Brooks-Johnson outside the shopAlex Brooks-Johnson outside the shop (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

"We've got people with real merchandising experience putting their knowledge into practice in a way that is for a social purpose.

"It is great to have Peter here today to open it with us. He understands a lot about the charity and he has signed some books for us today.

"To have an author who has sold over 20 million books open your shop is a privilege... and most of them are in here."