People in Brighton have racked up the least amount of debt since the beginning of the year than anywhere else in the UK.

Of the £101 billion debt accumulated by the population since January 1, people in Brighton have averaged just £644 each.

It is a stark contract to those living in Belfast who are feeling the pinch the most, totalling on average £5,676 worth of debt each in the last six months.

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The current household debt now stands at £65,513, with total UK household debt now surpassing £2 trillion meaning it has almost reached the size of the UK economy, which stands at £2.2 trillion.

The excitement of summer can add extra pressure on stretched household budgets, as over a quarter of adults expect their debt levels to increase due to the summer holidays.

With our finances in a fragile state, one in four men expect their debt levels to rise due to upcoming special occasions, such as a birthday, with one in five women feeling the same pressure.