A beachgoer captured the moment a seafront bin went up in flames.

Emma Riley said the fire was "getting really close to one of the shelters" on the promenade near Hove Lagoon.

But firefighters were quick to arrive and dealt with the blaze before any more damage could be caused.

The bin caught fire on Thursday evening and the smoke could be seen from along the coast.

The cause has not yet been confirmed.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has given advice to people looking to enjoy a barbecue in the hot weather.

A spokesman said: "Consider how you will dispose of your barbecue once you have finished with it.

"Some areas have dedicated barbecue bins however you should always ensure your barbecue is fully cooled before disposing of it by pouring cold water on it.

"A barbecue that is still warm and not fully extinguished could re-ignite and cause a fire."