A police officer has been praised for the way he managed partygoers who set up a large fire on the beach.

Revellers were celebrating the Spanish festival of Las Hogueras de San Juan with live music and a bonfire on Brighton beach, just east of the Palace Pier.

It coincided with a festival of the same name in Alicante, Spain, marking the eve of St John's Day in the early hours of June 24. 

Among those attending was Lucia Leon, from Brighton, who said: "On every beach in Spain people celebrate Las Hogueras de San Juan with a small bonfire and a party.

"Here, it was a group of Brighton musicians with mixed nationalities."

But their party plans were at risk of being shattered when a police officer turned up.

Video captured the moment he used a microphone to address the crowd.

He said: "The party is OK, however the fire is not OK. So no fire. If there is a fire and we have to come back, then that is a problem."

The video shows crowds cheering the officer as he left them to their partying.

Lucia said: "It was such a great police interaction. They were really friendly and wanted us to have a good time so they only put out the fire and let us continue with the music."

She said people stayed behind to clear up any empty bottles left on the beach after the party.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "There are many similar engagements between police officers and members of the public on a daily basis and when both are happy and leave with a smile, that's the best possible result."