A plan to build a “better Brighton and Hove for all” has been unveiled by the council.

The plan of action for the city, which outlines its core priorities for 2023 through to 2027, includes plans to grow a “diverse and sustainable city economy”, tackling crime and antisocial behaviour and meeting the needs of residents.

Labour council leader Bella Sankey said that the new vision for the city aims to ensure essential everyday council services are “restored and revitalised”.

She said: “We all deserve to live in a city that we can be proud of - where everyone is included and has the opportunity to grow and thrive.

“I am determined that this council will deliver the services the city deserves and help alleviate hardship. We are close to our residents, visitors and businesses and will actively listen and respond to their needs.”

The plan of action outlines four key priorities for the next four years, with a core focus on developing a flourishing local economy and delivering an accessible, clean and sustainable environment, making Brighton and Hove feel safe, inclusive and welcome with homes for all, providing high-quality services for children, young people and families, and being a “responsive council” that listens to communities.

Cllr Sankey said: “We are not just words. This is our plan setting out the real things we will do to create a better Brighton and Hove that can deliver real change and decent public services from the seafront and city centre, up to the suburbs and the South Downs.

“While I don’t underestimate the challenges the city and the council faces, I promise we will work hard and I know we can meet them together and unlock our potential.”

The Argus: Council leader Bella SankeyCouncil leader Bella Sankey (Image: The Argus)

Among the pledges by the council include a commitment to reaching carbon net zero by investing in the city’s electric vehicle charging network, conserving and developing Brighton and Hove’s culture and heritage, tackling food poverty and insecurity, improving housing quality and increasing supply, and delivering an improved homelessness service.

The plan also outlines a commitment to ensure the council actively asks for and listens to the views of all residents, as well as promising to protect the most vulnerable from the effect of reduced council funding.

Will Tuckley, interim chief executive of the council, said: “Our residents and elected leadership have given us a clear steer on their vision and priorities.

“Above all, they have told us what they want to see changed to make this city a better Brighton and Hove for all.

“Change is not always easy. There are many big challenges facing the city, from the climate emergency to the cost of living crisis, increasing inflation and inequality. More people need our public services than ever before.

“We are determined to face up to these challenges, working actively with local people, our vibrant voluntary sector, local businesses, the NHS, schools, colleges, universities, emergency services and others.

“I know that by building on the strengths of this organisation, we will achieve great things for Brighton and Hove.”

Councillors will discuss the proposed plans in a meeting of full council on July 20.