The i360 will open a new roller-skating rink to visitors.

The open-air rink, located on the upper deck of the i360 building on Brighton seafront, is designed to cater to skaters of all ages and abilities and aims to revive the “nostalgic charm” of roller skating.

It will have a specially designed roller floor with a colourful mural painted on it, allowing those boarding the viewing platform’s pod to view the artwork from above as they travel upwards.

A range of services will be on offer for skaters of all abilities, including skate rentals, lessons and private party bookings.

A spokeswoman for Brighton i360 said: “We are thrilled to bring the joy of roller skating back to Brighton’s iconic seafront.

“Our aim is to create a fun and inclusive space where families, friends and roller-skating enthusiasts can come together to enjoy this timeless activity in a vibrant setting.”

After many years of campaigning and garnering over 1,000 signatures for a petition for a skating rink along the seafront, former ice skater from Brighton Kris Ward said they were overjoyed at the news of the new opening.

Kris said: “Roller skating has a unique way of uniting individuals of all ages and backgrounds. It promotes an active lifestyle and provides a platform for shared experiences.

“I cannot wait to see families, friends and roller-skating enthusiasts coming together at the new rink, forging connections and making new friends.

“The new rink will be a great addition to Brighton i360.”

The announcement comes soon after the opening of Sixes, a new immersive cricket experience at the i360, in the hope that it can improve the fortunes of the debt-ridden attraction.

Roller skating has a cherished history along Brighton’s seafront.

Former locations included an outdoor roller rink near the Palace Pier in 1876, with another at the Peter Pan Play Area in Kemp Town in the 1950s.

The roller rink will open on July 22, with an official launch party taking place on August 1 with a DJ and a professional skating performance.