Readers have overwhelmingly shown their support for saving the Madeira Terrace in a recent poll, conducted by The Argus.

The poll was prompted by a letter written to the paper by concerned resident, Lara Jay, who expressed the view that the arches of Madeira Terrace are of greater importance for Brighton's future than the third phase of Valley Gardens.

In the letter she stated: "I am sure everyone will agree that the arches are far more important to Brighton's future as a tourist draw than the third phase of Valley Gardens, removing a roundabout and putting in new T-junction, which nobody wanted in the first place.

"Converting Victorian bus stops into cafes and the like is ridiculous and costly.

"Please just get on with repairing our heritage before the arches are no longer repairable and lost for ever."

She called for a public to see "the people of Brighton's favourite".

A poll conducted by The Argus, which has now closed, asked readers: 'Would you prefer saving the Madeira Terrace or proceeding with Valley Gardens Phase 3?'

Results showed that 64 per cent of the readers favoured saving Madeira Terrace, while 36 per cent preferred proceeding with Valley Gardens Phase 3. There were 3,134 votes in total.

In January, it was reported that Brighton and Hove City Council had applied for £9.55 million in funding to restore the eastern 865 metres of Madeira Terrace along Madeira Drive.

However, the council leader, Phelim Mac Cafferty, received a letter stating that the application had been rejected by the Government.

The letter, written by Dehenna Davison, the minister for levelling up, stated that the UK government would provide written feedback on the application to support future proposals.

This month it was announced that work on 40 out of the 151 crumbling iron arches, due to commence this autumn, will be delayed.

Brighton and Hove City Council announced a several month delay in the project to further consider the best approach in terms of "value for money."

The structure, which is the longest of its kind in the country, has been closed since 2014 due to disrepair and the risk of collapse.