You would think sideways rain in the face would be a massive dampener to any sort of party atmosphere.

But for the opening night of Pub in the Park last night, it certainly was not.

Was it that British spirit we all pride ourselves on or the fact that everyone wanted to make the most of the £47 entry they paid?

Whatever the motive, everywhere you looked people were smiling, whether that be rain down the back of the neck from an unlucky trip into the tent or just ignoring the damp around them.

People were dancing away in raincoats, ponchos, or even just in their shirts. It’s only rain after all.

The Argus: Enjoying the music from DJ Judge JulesEnjoying the music from DJ Judge Jules (Image: The Argus)

Colin was one of those people.

He came up for a weekend away from France to see his old hometown and one of his favourite acts, the Sugababes.

He joined his long-time friend Nikky for some of the best rain dancing Preston Park has ever seen.

They said: “We haven’t let it dampen our spirits, it’s only a bit of rain. We can’t wait for the Sugababes, they’re who we have come for and Soul II Soul.

“It’s been absolutely amazing. The food has been fantastic. I feel really sorry for all of the vendors, that’s a real shame.

The Argus: Colin and Nikky, both from Brighton, thoroughly enjoyed the music in the rainColin and Nikky, both from Brighton, thoroughly enjoyed the music in the rain (Image: The Argus)

“We’re lucky we’re in the VIP area which is covered. But as you’ve seen, we’ve still come out and danced in the rain.”

Soon after, Sugababes came out to a rapturous cheer.

The rain had cleared up by this point and the trio said to the crowd they had not had rain at one of their shows in two years.

They started with 2002 hit Freak Like Me and some of their newer songs such as Today from their album last year.

Last night also saw DJ Judge Jules and Soul II Soul perform.

The event is in Preston Park, Brighton, for the whole weekend.

Alongside the music, Pub in the Park prides itself on its food and drink offerings.

I got to try a delicious smashed burger and loaded fries. But there was a wide variety of food options to chose from.

There was a showing for Kadai, a type of barbecue and firebowl, which showed a small but keen crowd how to cook a fresh monkfish with butter and crème fraiche on the open flame.

The Argus: One of the food demonstrations in the pouring rainOne of the food demonstrations in the pouring rain (Image: The Argus)

Everyone was huddled together under the small gazebo, trying to smell the undoubtedly delicious recipe he was cooking up with the added ingredient of water. I guess you could say it was slightly poached?

Overall, it was a brilliant experience and people definitely still enjoyed it. It felt like the wide variety of vendors missed out on trade due to the weather.

Let’s hope today’s rain stays away for an even better day and night at Pub in the Park.