Firefighters are still working tirelessly to extinguish the fire at the Brighton's Royal Albion hotel.

Sussex Police have closed several roads in the surrounding area, causing significant traffic delays throughout the city.

The force has confirmed that part of the seafront road will remain shut until tomorrow. 

The Argus: Credit: AA Traffic MapCredit: AA Traffic Map (Image: AA Traffic)

A spokesman said: "The operation around the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton is ongoing.

"Road closures are in place along Kings Road from West Street along to Steine Street and the Old Steine.

"Closures will be in place overnight.

"Please stay away from the area and keep windows and doors closed."


The fire started on the fourth floor of the historic hotel and quickly spread, completely gutting the building.

At its height, nearly a dozen fire engines were on the scene, but much of the hotel has already been destroyed.

The devastation is evident in the daylight, as the building has been ripped apart, leaving behind a sad sight of a once grand establishment.


This is not the first time the Royal Albion hotel has faced such devastation, as it was previously devastated by a fire 25 years ago.

Road closures are in place along Kings Road from West Street to Steine Street and on to the Old Steine.

The closures have led to massive tailbacks throughout the city, particularly in Church Street as traffic is diverted up to Queens Road.

The A259 Marine Parade is also shut from the Sealife Centre roundabout to Legends nightclub.

The Argus:

Pedestrian access along the seafront is still permitted, although the promenade is closed.

As a result of the fire, emergency services have brought in additional support.

Crews from the London Fire Brigade have been drafted in to provide relief, as firefighters from East Sussex, West Sussex, and Surrey have been working tirelessly throughout the night.

Smoke from the blaze is hanging in the air over the city, with a strong smell persisting.

The wind continues to cause difficulties for firefighters, as water from hoses is blown off course before reaching the flames.

The fire has had other impacts beyond road closures and traffic delays.

A planned beach meet-up for Trans Pride had to be cancelled due to the fire, with organizers expressing concern for the safety of the community.

The smoke and closed roads made it too risky to continue with the event, and attendees were encouraged to visit alternative venues instead.

The Argus:

The impact of the fire on the local community is palpable, as years of history are coming down before their eyes.

The Royal Albion hotel has a long history, having been built in 1826.

Firefighters remain on the scene, using aerial ladder platforms and ground monitors to tackle the fire.

Their efforts may be hindered by the persisting smoke, which continues to swamp the Old Steine area.

Residents and visitors are urged to stay away from the area and keep their windows and doors closed to avoid the lingering smoke and smell.