Brighton beach is a popular attraction but not everyone is impressed by what they find with some questioning whether it should count as a beach at all.

Some visitors have left hilarious reviews on Tripadvisor claiming the beach is overcrowded, smelly and uncomfortable to walk on.

One said "everywhere stinks of pee" while another described the "turkey-sized seagulls" as "voracious and aggressive".

Another reviewer said: "The beach is great but the seagulls are a menace."

One person said the stench in the air was "like a public toilet that hadn't been cleaned for weeks on end".

The main complaint seems to be the lack of sand, with many mentioning that the beach is full of pebbles.

One person described the rocks as "painful" to lie on and also bemoaned how crowded the beach was due to the "thousands of tourists".

"Way too pebbly to be enjoyable unless you're drunk," one reviewer remarked, while another expressed his astonishment saying: "Maybe it is the Aussie in me but a beach made of stones? It was clean and tidy but no sand castles at this beach."

Another visitor wrote: "Miles of pebbles, hardly a grain of sand. There is really nothing to do on an English beach but shiver and throw a stone into the cold grey-green murky water."

One person complained the water was "too cold" while another said "the beach is just not a beach".