Piers Morgan has branded Brexit as a "dismal failure." 

Despite voting to Remain, Morgan usually seems to be of the view that the deed is done and that people should get on with it.

However, it would seem that his has now changed.

Piers has shared a YouGov poll on Twitter, which revealed that over 60 per cent of Brits now view Brexit as more of a failure than a success.

Commenting on the poll, Morgan expressed his belief that Brexit has harmed the country and failed to deliver on its promises.

He even questioned whether another vote should be held or if the country should continue to endure the negative consequences.

He said: "Increasingly obvious that Brexit’s been a dismal failure and harmed the country. 
"I was happy to honour the referendum result despite voting Remain, and wanted it to work as Brexiters promised us it would, but it hasn’t. Time for another vote? Or do we just carry on self-harming?

The topic of Brexit remains divisive among the public.

The Argus: Broadcaster Piers MorganBroadcaster Piers Morgan

One person responded to Piers: "Are you all allowed to cancel it without doing damage to democracy? What's the point of referendums if you don't honour it?"

Another commenter called Brexit "more disappointing than the final season of Game of Thrones", and said that "we can all agree that Brexit has been a bit of a fiasco".

Brexit has also remained divisive amongst politicians.

Plaid Cymru MP Ben Lake has argued that Brexit is contributing to rising costs in his constituency.

He referenced research from the London School of Economics, which suggests that UK households have shouldered a staggering £7billion in costs since Brexit.

This is said to be primarily caused by trade barriers imposed on food imports from the European Union.

These barriers have resulted in disruptions in imports and an average increase of £250 in food bills.