A man wanted for burglary was arrested by officers after they set up a knife arch at the tunnel leading to Brighton seafront.

The wanted man was arrested on Thursday evening during a knife arch operation conducted by officers in the underpass at the bottom end of West Street in Brighton.

A knife arch, also known as a knife detector or knife gate, is a security device used to detect the presence of knives or other metallic objects concealed on a person's body or within their belongings.

When a metal object, such as a knife or a blade, passes through the arch, it triggers an alarm or alerts security personnel.

Speaking of the knife arch, a Sussex Police spokesman said: "Officers engaged with numerous members of the public, which resulted in one person being arrested for being wanted for a burglary dwelling and found two others in possession of drugs.

"We will continue to proactively tackle offenders and use initiatives to help prevent serious violence and keep our communities safe."

The Argus:

Sussex Police say they are actively working to tackle knife crime in order to keep the community safe and have implemented a "proactive approach" in collaboration with other organisations.

The Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) is a key player in this effort, with Sussex Police working closely alongside them and other partners across the county.

A spokesman said: "Knife crime has tragic consequences to the victim, loved ones and the local community. Sussex is a safe place to live, but we recognise the importance of taking proactive action with our partners and other organisations to keep Sussex safe and feeling safe."

Sussex Police, along with their partners, are engaging with young people to educate them on the consequences of carrying knives and to reassure them that they are safer without them.

The use of a specially designed van has been employed to inform and educate local communities about the serious risks associated with knife possession.

Additionally, targeted operational activities are being carried out in collaboration with partners such as British Transport Police (BTP), Crimestoppers, nightclubs, bars, and various community safety partnerships.