Australian vegan activist Tash Peterson has been slammed by Piers Morgan after comparing the slaughter of farm animals to the Holocaust.

During an appearance on Morgan's TV program Uncensored, Peterson wore a T-shirt with the words "End this holocaust" and an image of a pig in a cage.

Morgan questioned Peterson's approach, suggesting that people were growing tired of being shouted at and were losing interest in veganism.

The Argus:

Peterson defended her actions, stating that she believed it brought more attention to the animal's suffering while Morgan criticised her use of the word holocaust.

Mr Morgan asked: "Why would you use the word holocaust?

"Holocaust is the mass extermination of more than six million Jewish people by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

"Why would you use that very emotive language knowing it would offend people?"

Ms Peterson replied that it was "just a factual statement".

She said: "If you look at the definition of a holocaust it is slaughter or destruction on a mass scale.

"Multiple holocausts have occurred throughout human history and non-human animals can be subjected to the same atrocities that humans can."

The Argus:

Morgan also criticised Peterson's protest methods, suggesting that there were more effective ways to convince people to adopt veganism than by disrupting restaurants and playing distressing animal noises.

Peterson has gained notoriety for her confrontational tactics and has been banned from entering pubs and restaurants in Western Australia.

She recently had to seek clearance from a Perth court for her trip to the UK, where she is attending the Vegan Camp Out Festival as a guest speaker.

Brighton saw similar vegan protests from group Direction Action Everywhere (DxE) in 2019.

In September that year, it was reported that members of the group were protesting in Pizza Express when violence erupted.

Activists entered the chain restaurant carrying signs and chanting.

According to Sussex Police, a protester was reported to have been punched by a customer and others were thrown to the ground.