Katie Price has revealed that the most expensive thing she has ever purchased apart from her home.

The former glamour model told popular podcast Saving Grace the purchase was for her 20-year-old horse named Wallace.

Despite being declared bankrupt in 2019, Katie admitted that her love for designer bags and shoes pales in comparison to the price she paid for Wallace.

The horse, which she affectionately referred to as "he," cost her an astonishing £250,000.

The revelation about her extravagant purchase came during her appearance on the popular podcast Saving Grace, hosted by Grace Eleanor Keeling.

The Argus:

When asked by Grace about her most expensive purchase, Katie said: "A horse. One of my horses was £250,000. I've still got him, he's 20.

"250 grand he was, he's 20 years old."

Grace replied: "He's eating diamonds for breakfast lunch and dinner."

Katie said: 'He is like that, I love him. But yeah, horses diamonds and cars, or a house.

"I'm not really a designer label person, I am with shoes, and bags.

"But I can't find designers to fit me because of my boobs. Unless it's a tracksuit.'

Katie excitedly shared the details of her costly acquisition, mentioning that she acquired Wallace during her divorce from her ex-husband, Peter Andre, in 2009.

She purchased the horse when it was six years old from the Netherlands, despite being banned from acquiring any more horses by her brother, who manages her finances.

In April 2023, a petition to stop Katie Price from keeping animals gained additional support after her Pomeranian Sharon passed away, gathering a total of 16,000 signatures.

Katie Price later hit back at critics, claiming the RSPCA had "no concerns" about the welfare of animals at her home.

This came after a seventh pet died in her care.