Northumberland residents have been given the opportunity to vote for their favourite rock and fossil in a unique online poll.

The campaign, organised by Northumberland Wildlife Trust in partnership with several other organisations, aims to celebrate the county's rich geological heritage.

The shortlist for the rock category includes the Dolerite of the Whin Sill, the Granite of the Cheviots, Coal, Sandstone, and Limestone.

Voters also have the chance to choose their favourite fossil from options such as the Lepidodendron and stigmaria, the Anthracosaurus, Corals, Crinoids, and Brachiopods.

All these geological formations have played a crucial role in shaping Northumberland's landscapes and have significant historical and scientific value.

The voting period will last for 30 days, starting in August, and participants can cast their votes on the Northumberland Wildlife Trust website.

This initiative comes after the success of the 50th Anniversary Rock Festival and the subsequent publication of the book "Northumberland Rocks".

Ian Jackson, geologist and trustee with Northumberland Wildlife Trust saod: “Rocks and fossils are a great way of getting people to enjoy and experience nature and the surrounding landscape.

"Ultimately, we believe that the more people really connect with nature, the more they’ll act to protect it."

Visit to cast a vote.