The counter terrorism lead for Brighton Pride has shared plans on how police will stop cars near the event to keep it "safe and secure" from terrorist attacks.

Drivers will have to follow strict rules if they plan on driving near the Pride parade or festival next weekend as specialist fencing, gates and walls are installed.

The force has said it is placing a huge importance on security at this year's event - with only a small number of vehicles allowed in the secure area near the festival.

The Argus: Specialist bomb squad officers prepare to carry out a controlled explosion at Pride following a suspect package in 2015Specialist bomb squad officers prepare to carry out a controlled explosion at Pride following a suspect package in 2015

Sussex Police has a dedicated task force for what they are calling Operation Pride, which liaises with the festival organisers, transport companies and other officers.

Its counter-terrorism security co-ordinator Sergeant Ned Edwards said: "We look at a range of options and this will include physical barriers and protective measures."

In previous years, heavy bollards and gates have been installed to keep pedestrians separated from cars.

And this year is set to be no different as police announced they will be using the National Barrier Asset. The government-owned system is stored in a secret location and consists of a number of fences and gates to protect high-security events from vehicle attacks.

The Argus: Pride's perimeter wall in previous yearsPride's perimeter wall in previous years (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

The National Barrier Asset has been used at the recent G7 conference in Cornwall and Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, protecting against vehicles as heavy as 7.5tonnes travelling at 50mph towards crowds.

But this extra security means those who live inside the restricted area, which includes Preston Road, have to apply to drive during the weekend.

A new system will be in place for residents who need to enter or leave, but they must obtain a pass from the festival's box office from Thursday, August 3.

The Argus: Preston RoadPreston Road (Image: Google)

Emergency services will be allowed inside the area throughout, along with artists' vehicles and carers, who will be able to park in the Bowls Club.

A spokesman for Brighton Pride said: "These vehicles are seen as essential to the safe running of the event as well as potentially serving those more vulnerable in the community.

"To limit the access of these vehicles would be damaging to the reputation of Pride and Sussex Police."

The Argus: A police officer at Brighton Pride 2022A police officer at Brighton Pride 2022 (Image: Andrew Gardner)

Residents' cars will be allowed into the area with the new "red, amber and green" system.

When the site is in its green phase, traffic will be allowed to flow normally, while in amber only residents with passes will be escorted into Preston Road.

If organisers mark the area as red, then no vehicles other than emergency services, artists vehicles and carers will be allowed in. This will only be due to a "foreseeable large crowd in Preston Road."

The Argus: The National Barrier Asset in CardiffThe National Barrier Asset in Cardiff (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Festival bosses have shared their plans for each phase of the festival, but this is could change if Sussex Police or Pride decide.

Saturday 5th August 1000 1200 AMBER
Saturday 5th August 1200 1700 RED
Saturday 5th August 1700 2100 AMBER
Saturday 5th August 2100 2300 RED
Saturday 5th August 2300 0000 GREEN

Sunday 6th August 0001 1200 GREEN
Sunday 6th August 1200 1330 AMBER
Sunday 6th August 1330 1600 RED
Sunday 6th August 1600 2000 AMBER
Sunday 6th August 2000 2200 RED
Sunday 6th August 2200 ONGOING AMBER

Sgt Edwards added: "We use the minimum number of barriers possible to achieve this whilst seeking to cause the minimal amount of disruption to the city and residents, all the while providing an appropriate level of security for the event and local community.

“I hope that the deployment of these barriers assures you of the importance of the security that both Pride and Sussex Police place on this event and that your safety is our priority."

The Argus: Markings on the ground in Preston ParkMarkings on the ground in Preston Park (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

The event build started on Friday evening, with the stage, lights and walls being installed from Sunday. Preston Road will be closed overnight on Thursday, August 3 while the gates are installed.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "Plain-clothed and armed officers will also be deployed throughout the celebrations, supported by surveillance and investigations teams, with a national barrier asset to deter vehicle attacks against pedestrians.

"We cannot discuss intelligence on specific demonstrations or threats, but we would take appropriate action should information be received."