Crowds of enthusiastic rollerskaters and tourists celebrated the launch of a new roller rink on the seafront at a launch party.

Designed to cater to skaters of all ages and skill levels, the new roller rink at the Brighton i360 aims to revive the “nostalgic charm” of roller skating.

The new attraction opened with a high-energy DJ and a professional skating performance by Kiki Hoola, who wowed crowds with hula hoop skills while gliding on roller skates.

Simon Haffenden, head of guest experience and events at Brighton i360, said: “The opening of the roller rink marks an exciting new chapter for the city’s entertainment scene.

“We are delighted to provide a space where roller-skating enthusiasts of all ages can come together, have fun, and experience the joy of gliding on wheels in such a stunning location.”

The Argus: The roller rink as seen from the pod of the Brighton i360The roller rink as seen from the pod of the Brighton i360 (Image: Julia Claxton)

The rink has been designed to provide a seamless gliding experience, with a colourful mural painted on the floor - allowing spectators to view the artwork from the viewing tower’s pod.

Amber Elise, Brighton visual artist and illustrator who designed the floor, said: “Seeing the final design and look of the new roller rink fills me with immense pride.

“As a mural artist, it’s incredibly rewarding to witness my vision come to life in such a thrilling and vibrant space.

“I poured my heart and soul into every stroke, aiming to create an atmosphere that captures the essence of roller-skating culture while adding a touch of my artistic spirit.

“I am truly honoured to have contributed to this project, and I can’t wait for skaters and visitors to experience the joy and inspiration that this artwork brings to the roller rink.”

The attraction offers a range of services, including skate rentals, lessons and private party bookings.

The roller rink is open to the public from 11am daily, with tickets available from £6.50.