Singer and father-of-two, Peter Andre, has recently opened up about the struggles he has been experiencing as he watches his 16-year-old daughter, Princess Andre, explore romance.

Princess is the daughter of Andre and his ex-partner, former glamour model Katie Price.

The pair also share their 18-year-old son, Junior.

Andre revealed that accepting the fact that his daughter now has a boyfriend has been a difficult adjustment for him.

In an interview with Woman Magazine, he spoke out about his unhappiness regarding Princess's love life.

He shared that he has strict rules in his household and had previously vowed that she wouldn't have a boyfriend until she turned 38.

He said: "I’m not happy about this at all. I’m struggling beyond belief, but that’s life. We’ve had many chats. I have very strict rules in my house.

"I had this rule that would never have a boyfriend until she was 38, and now she’s 16 and she’s talking about boys!"

The Argus: Peter Andre shares daughter Princess, left, with former glamour model Katie Price, rightPeter Andre shares daughter Princess, left, with former glamour model Katie Price, right

His wife, Emily McDonagh, played a vital role in helping him navigate this new chapter in Princess's life.

Peter said: "Emily really made me realise that I can’t treat her differently to how I treated Junior at that age.

"That’s where my old school mentality had to change. It took a while, but I’ve got there."

Princess herself publicly announced her new relationship earlier this year on her YouTube channel and has been spotted in public alongside her boyfriend since then.