The city was flooded in rainbow umbrellas yesterday as the first day of Brighton Pride kicked off.

The Argus: People dressed as 'the first modern lesbian' Anne ListerPeople dressed as 'the first modern lesbian' Anne Lister (Image: Simon Dack)

One of the main highlights of the colourful day was the Pride parade, with hundreds of revellers making their way to the Fabuloso festival at Preston Park, from Hove Lawns.

The Argus: People taking shelter from the rainPeople taking shelter from the rain (Image: Simon Dack)

Huge floats and dance routines were trailing for well over a mile - and our photographers captured every angle of it as they passed through the streets of the city.

The Argus: Spectators lined the streetsSpectators lined the streets (Image: Simon Dack)

Local charities to national organisations took part in the parade to show their support with the LGBT+ community.

The Argus: Their faces led the paradeTheir faces led the parade (Image: Simon Dack)

At the front of the parade, people carried pictures of Pride "trailblazers" such as Sir Ian McKellen and Doug Coupe of the Sussex Gay Liberation Front.

The Argus: Revellers preparing for the paradeRevellers preparing for the parade (Image: Simon Dack)

Partygoers and their floats lined the promenade alongside Hove Lawns ahead of the big event as the rain continued to pour.

The Argus: Some people were wearing impressive costumesSome people were wearing impressive costumes (Image: Simon Dack)

The parade started earlier than expected, at 10.30am instead of the scheduled 11am due to the winds.

The Argus: An event safety staff member carrying an anemometerAn event safety staff member carrying an anemometer (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Event staff were spotted measuring the wind speed with specialist equipment to ensure it is as safe as possible for participants and spectators.