A millionaire influencer was collared by a council enforcement officer while making a video in a city centre.

Simon Squibb has devoted his life to helping entrepreneurs take the first steps of their careers through funding and support, made famous through his TikTok internet videos asking people in the street about their dream careers.

But when the 49-year-old visited Brighton, he was not met with the enthusiasm of other cities as a council enforcement officer threatened to fine him for handing out a business card.

The Argus: Sydney StreetSydney Street (Image: Google)

He stopped the officer for one of his trademark street interviews in Sydney Street - asking him "Would you ever start a business of your own?"

The officer replied "Maybe."

The viral video continued with Squibb quizzing the officer on what he would do with £10,000,000 - which he said would be used to "invest in food banks."

"I've been at the bottom so I kind of know where and when basic needs aren't being met," the officer said.

The pair parted ways, and Simon said he handed a business card over to the officer. In return, he was threatened with section 94b of the environmental protection act for unauthorised flyering.

Watch the full video here

"It does leave you liable to a fixed penalty notice," said the officer. He tried to ask Simon to see the card again - which Simon refused. The encounter was caught on camera.

The officer radioed back to his control room to say Simon was "refusing to give any kind of details" for the incident, which is treated as a "minor criminal offence" in the city.

Simon said: "It made me sad, and he has potential, but the system has him caught up in stuff that does not matter."

Commenters have slammed the officer, saying: "There is a huge difference between leaflets and exchanging a business card with someone."

Another added: "What a jobsworth."

The Argus: Simon SquibbSimon Squibb (Image: Simon Squibb)

Squibb recently made headlines after he bought a disused staircase in London for £25,000. He said he hopes to give the space to entrepreneurs rent-free. He told The Guardian: "Not everyone can afford an elevator to do an elevator pitch."

The influencer has some 1.8 million followers on TikTok.

"If I can, I’d like to say to someone: ‘Have it for a month, live there rent-free and launch your business – and then, if it takes off, you can afford to get a proper shop or an online store.’ That would be amazing.”

Brighton and Hove City Council has been approached for comment.