The BBC has revealed the first official picture of Steve Coogan as Jimmy Savile in the upcoming drama 'The Reckoning', which will air this autumn. 

Coogan will play the disgraced, late entertainer Savile - who was exposed as a paedophile after his death - in The Reckoning. 

The series will trace the life of Savile, who became one of the UK’s most influential celebrities for decades. 

However, following his death he has become one of the most reviled figures of modern history following revelations of extensive and horrific abuse.

The Argus: The first official picture released of Steve Coogan as Jimmy Savile.The first official picture released of Steve Coogan as Jimmy Savile. (Image: BBC)

What we know about The Reckoning so far

Coogan will play the role of Savile and will star alongside a cast featuring the likes of Siobhan Finneran (Happy Valley), Gemma Jones (Bridget Jones' Diary and Harry Potter), Mark Lewis Jones (Game of Thrones) and Mark Stanley (Happy Valley).

The four-part drama series will air on BBC One and iPlayer this autumn. 

The BBC said: "The team have worked closely with many people whose lives were impacted by Savile to ensure their experiences are told and reflected with sensitivity and respect, and the drama will also draw on extensive, wide-ranging research and published accounts.

"It will examine the impact his appalling crimes had on his victims, and the powerlessness many felt when they tried to raise the alarm.

"Four survivors of Savile who have contributed to 'The Reckoning' will also feature in the series, interviewed on camera to offer their further insight and to reflect on their experiences in the hope that the telling of their stories will prevent something like it happening again."

The Argus: The Reckoning will air on BBC One and iPlayer in autumn 2023.The Reckoning will air on BBC One and iPlayer in autumn 2023. (Image: PA)

It has been previously been revealed that Coogan would be playing Savile in the BBC drama, with the British actor even being spotted filming in the UK.

This followed the BBC's announcement in October 2020 that they had commissioned the series.

Executive producer Jeff Pope, at the time, said: "I think this is a story that has to be told.

"We must understand why a man like Jimmy Savile seemed to remain immune for so long to proper scrutiny and criminal investigation."