A Harvester restaurant which was destroyed in a devastating fire will be closed "for the foreseeable future", the company has confirmed.

The restaurant in Littlehampton went up in flames a week ago after a kitchen fire spread to the roof of the building.

The restaurant chain said there is not yet a date for reopening.

A Harvester spokeswoman said: "We are currently supporting all team members at this difficult time as we navigate the damage that was caused and the impact that this has had on our team members.


“The business will be closed for the foreseeable future as we assess looking at the next steps for Harvester, Littlehampton.”

Smoke billowed from the roof of the Harvester in Coastguard Road as 12 fire engines tackled the large blaze on August 11.

The majority of the building was destroyed in the blaze, including a flat where team members who worked at the restaurant lived.

A fundraiser had already been set up to help raise money for the employees who lost their home and their belongings. So far over £6,000 has been raised.